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L’Amour Is in the Air

September 15th, 2016

‘Tis the season for romance, and the Clifford Wallace staff are thrilled to be able to work at some spectacular weddings. The most recent one was a beautiful affair at Miramare Gardens in Terrey Hills. There was something a bit different about this wedding – alongside caterer L’Amour, Clifford Wallace served up a gorgeous Kosher meal for hundreds of guests. It was something we’re not used to, but we’re always up for a challenge if it means satisfied guests.


There are many different things that determine if a meal is Kosher or not – when it is transported, when it is prepared, what it is served with, the plates and utensils used – so our staff took extra care to ensure that this wedding was a roaring success – which it was! It’s another feather in our collective cap, and another badge of pride denoting our peerless service. We’re extremely proud.

img_4869Aside from L’Amour’s amazing food, the entire wedding was a sight for sore eyes. With wedding planner Philip Carr, the lucky couple went all-out on their special day, and the results were stunning, with an abundance of flowers, inventive lighting, and live music the icing on this wedding cake.

It seems that the black-and-white theme of the night was a perfect match for Clifford Wallace, with our staff looking great in bow ties and wearing their best smiles.

We’re always looking to add to our repertoire of skills and types of events, so we’re immensely grateful to the client who gave us an opportunity to work at this wedding. We wish the very best for the couple, and we’re very please that we could be there for part of their journey together.