Hospitality Service Festival Staffing | Clifford Wallace Agency

Festival Management

With the help of Clifford Wallace, the biggest of events will seem a lot smaller. Every facet of the festival experience is covered by our diverse and multi-talented range of staff.

We can provide logistical help in ascertaining what you will need, and all of our staff are trained to set up and pack down with maximum efficiency. If you need drivers , or other ancillary assistance for your festival, many of our staff are trained to assist in other areas, and we have a large supplier network at your disposal.

No matter what you have in mind for your festival, our wait staff and bar staff are dedicated to your vision. We can also provide back-of-house staff including chefs and catering assistants who consistently adhere to the utmost standards of to procedure, hygiene and efficiency.


Our trustworthy and very talented supervisory staff set Clifford Wallace’s service apart. They co-ordinate our staff, and act as your first point of contact, assisting in all aspects of your festival, including managing registers and cash floats with accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Wait Staff

Our wait staff are flexible, adaptable, and always and always approach their work with a positive and jovial attitude. Whatever the demands of your festival – be it in a self-contained marquee, or a more open space – they will ensure that your attendants and participants are completely looked after.

Bar Staff

Our knowledgeable, efficient, charismatic bar staff are highly adept at using tills, looking after stock, and maintaining a clean bar environment while providing patrons with a friendly and positive experience. They can look after the bar from set up, to service, to clean up.


Our chefs and cooks have an enormous range of food and kitchen experience. Whether you need large quantities of food, or only small portions, you can rest assured that they will be confident and familiar with what is required, and perfectly able to prepare flawless food.

Kitchen hands

No job is too small, and nothing can be done with too much care. Our kitchen hands are the backbone of our efficient and smooth service, performing basic food prep to assist other kitchen staff, including such tasks as cutting and plating, as well as selecting , sorting and cleaning glasses, crockery and silverware.

Catering Assistants

Where assistance is needed, Clifford Wallace is there. Our catering assistants can do any job – assembling canapés or sandwiches, or preparing short orders, they have the skills to tackle anything.

Logistics and Event Management

Planning can be overwhelming, but Clifford Wallace will shoulder some of the burden. With our extensive experience in all kinds of events and functions, we can organise everything to your specifications on the day.


We are able to organise these services for you, sourcing cars and drivers, or simply providing highly capable and conscientious drivers to park guests’ cars or ferry attendees to and from events. When it comes to our drivers and parking attendants, safety is of the highest import.


For any ancillary needs you may have, such as caterers, florists, hire companies, and more, Clifford Wallace’s large network of suppliers is fully available to you.


Microphones, video conferencing, big screen presentations, real time social media screening and staff headset communications can all be integral parts of modern functions. Our AV staff have the knowledge and equipment necessary to make AV magic happen.

Promotional Staff, Ticketing Staff, and Ushers

We can also provide promotional staff, whose distinct look and charisma make them perfect for roles as brand ambassadors, hosts, ushers, cloakroom attendants, and more.