Function Waiter: The Essential Role in Sydney’s Event Scene

1. Exploring a Career as a Function Waiter: Day-to-Day Tasks and Opportunities

Today, we will be exploring what it’s like to work as a function waiter and what their day-to-day tasks involve.

“I wake up every morning excited to go to work and see what today has in store for me. I love the people, the atmosphere, and all of the different tasks that come with it.”

Function waiters are the backbone of events and parties. They are responsible for setting up the venue, serving guests with food and drinks, and making sure that everything is going smoothly.

Being a function waiter involves a wide range of responsibilities that go beyond serving food and drinks. Before the event, they work closely with the event organisers to ensure that everything is set up according to the clients’ requirements. This includes setting up tables, chairs, and decorations, arranging cutlery, crockery, glassware and preparing the bar area.


On the day of the event, function waiters have to arrive early and set up everything ready for the guests’ arrival. They also have to ensure that there are enough supplies of food and drinks, and that everything is organized and presentable. Once the guests arrive, they have to greet them, help them find their tables, and take their food and drink orders.

During the event, function waiters must be attentive to the guests’ needs and make sure that everyone is well taken care of. They have to be knowledgeable about the menu, the drinks list, and the venue, so they can provide guests with any information they may require.


Function waiters also need to be flexible and able to handle any unexpected situations that may arise, such as a spill or a special request. After the event, they have to clean up the venue, pack up any remaining items, and ensure that everything is left in good condition.


2. The Role of a Function Waiter: Serving Guests and Making Connections

Function waiters play an important role as they are the mediator between guests and event organisers.

Function waiters are the face of the event and play a crucial role in ensuring that guests have an enjoyable experience. By being courteous and professional, they help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire event.

As function waiters interact with guests, they also have the opportunity to make connections and build relationships. This can be especially valuable for those who enjoy working with people and who are interested in a career in hospitality.


At Clifford Wallace, function waiters are trained to go above and beyond in their interactions with guests. This not only leads to satisfied customers but can also lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and future job opportunities.

With us, function waiters also love what they do because it can be a very rewarding career choice. This is because function waiters get to work with people from all walks of life on a daily basis which can lead to new friendships and life-long connections being made. They are proficient in serving alcohol responsibly, a skill gained through the RSA course. For further insight, explore our ‘Ultimate Guide to the RSA Certificate‘.


3. Incentives and Work-Life Balance

At Clifford Wallace, we have implemented numerous incentives and a strong and connected People and Performance strategy. With us, function waiters can literally choose when they want to work as they advise their availability, allowing them to have a perfect work-life balance.

In addition to flexible scheduling, Clifford Wallace also offers a range of incentives and opportunities for growth. This includes ongoing training and development, as well as the chance to work at high-profile events and venues.


Function waiters at Clifford Wallace also enjoy a strong sense of community and support. The company values teamwork and encourages its employees to work collaboratively, creating a positive work environment that enhances job satisfaction.


4. Daily Tasks: Setting Up, Serving, and Clearing

“My day can consist of anything from setting up and clearing tables, interacting with guests, and making sure they are having a great time. One thing that never changes though is how much fun I have.”

Function waiters are used to working in unique venues and being a part of exclusive events all over Sydney which create lifetime experiences and memories.

They start their week with a message from Clifford Wallace Agency, where they are briefed on the event set-ups and types of service expectations.

They then head to the function where they have to set up everything before guests arrive. This includes setting up the tables, placing tableware, laying out napkins and glassware.


The function waiter then greets the guests and takes their drink orders. Once the drinks are served, they ask for any dietary requirements from their guests. When the food is ready, they will serve it in accordance to their dietary preferences.

Throughout the service, the function waiter ensures drinks are filled and guests are enjoying their experience. After the meal finishes, the table is cleared and cleaning of the event site takes place at the conclusion of the event.

The function waiter would then head home, or travel to the next event site.


5. Opportunities: Corporate Events, Weddings, and More

As a function waiter, you’ll work in various settings and events, providing high-quality service to meet guests’ needs.

These events include corporate events like conferences and meetings, formal events like weddings, charity events, banquets, and awards ceremonies. You’ll have the opportunity to work with different people and develop essential skills that can help you succeed in your career.


In corporate events, you may be asked to help set up and manage the event space, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. In formal events, you’ll be responsible for setting up tables, serving food and beverages, and ensuring that guests have a positive and memorable experience. At all times, your role is to provide exceptional service to guests and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Working as a function waiter can be an exciting and rewarding experience, allowing you to be part of a vibrant industry and meet new people. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience in the service industry or pursue a career in hospitality. The role of a function waiter is an essential part of any hospitality business, ensuring that customers have the best experience possible.


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In summary, a typical day of a function waiter may consist of:

– Setting up tables with napkins, cutlery, condiments, glasses, and water.
– Greeting guests and ensuring they have been seated.
– Ensuring that each guest has a great time at the event by providing excellent service.
– Ensuring tables are clean and drinks are filled.
– Clearing up after the event.
Every team member is regularly trained in-house too.

You’re only one step away from making memorable moments too! Join Clifford Wallace!

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