A typical day as a bartender with Clifford Wallace

Clifford Wallace has trained a large number of white-jacketed bartenders for prestigious clients over the last 25 years.

Our head bartenders have been deployed to major events all across Sydney thanks to their experience and adaptability.

Our bartenders have the opportunity to work at Government House Sydney, one of our most prominent clients, where they will serve for numerous Vice-Regal and State occasions.


Working at pop-up events, large celebrations, weddings, and private parties, , from the city to the country allows them discover new places all year round. Every day is a new day!

Bartenders are the lifeblood of any bar. They take care of your guests to ensure they are enjoying their experience. Creating cocktails and serving drinks making sure that the party is in full swing.


A typical day at work for a bartender in Sydney begins with them preparing their uniform and equipment in preparation for their shift.

Bar set up then begins with ensuring supplies are adequate for the number of guests, and the bar is clean and presentable.

Bartenders greet guests that come into the bar with a smile! Take orders and serve all types of beverages.

Bartenders at Clifford Wallace are innovative and enthusiastic about their work.


Behind the bar, bartenders and mixologists will prepare a menu of custom concoctions that often include delectable ingredients and an exquisite combination of sweet liqueurs.

Interacting with the bartenders encourages curious guests to discover more about the passion and creativity that went into creating the cocktails.

On top of their cocktails knowledge, our bartenders have mastered the art of the mocktail by combining distinctive simple syrup mixes and virgin elixirs.

“Working in hospitality is incredible because we get to attend so many lavish and one-of-a-kind events. Clifford Wallace trained us how to become stakeholders of contemporary hospitality.’’

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