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Permanent Placements

If you are seeking staff to fill long term or permanent vacancies, Clifford Wallace can make the search a lot less complicated. We have an enormous database of staff that allows us to source incredible talent for your purposes.

With your specifications, requirements and expectations, we can deliver staff that are exactly what you are looking for to suit any hospitality role, including front-of-house staff like waiters and bartenders, back-of-house staff such as chefs and kitchen hands, and other roles including reception and concierge, and AV support.

Our staff are extensively trained in a diverse skill set, so they are able to easily fit in to any business type. We are sure that you will be delighted with their performance, and your mind set at ease by their invaluable contributions.

Please be aware that fees apply for permanent placements. Contact us if you would like to discuss permanent or long term staff placements further.