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Corporate & Protocol Solutions

Clifford Wallace Agency understands how important it is that the corporate experience is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Our experienced, dedicated staff are known for their adherence to etiquette and protocol, combining formality and respectful detachment with a very intimate level of service. We will ensure that everything – from day-to-day operations to special events – goes to plan.

Clifford Wallace can assist at every part of the journey. Our hospitality staff have the natural warmth and communication skills to be your concierge or receptionist, which carries through to their exceptional work as corporate, boardroom and protocol waiters.  We understand the special care and attention to detail that this work requires, allowing our staff, including café attendants and baristas, to work unsupervised or guided by our supervisors.

We have dedicated and talented back-of-house staff who work with many of Sydney’s top corporate clients, boardrooms and government institutions. We can provide chefs and kitchen hands, all of whom have extremely strong skills and are able to work equally well in state-of-the-art kitchens or with limited space.

From your first point of contact, to the service, to the finest details of your business, Clifford Wallace can work with you. We also provide AV service staff.

Corporate Waiters

Versed in Fine Dining skills, and with an instinctive understanding of what is required for corporate and protocol services, our waiters are a major reason for our unique and unmatched client supplier relationships.


Our talented and dedicated baristas, the complex art of coffee making looks easy. They can handle pace and volume. Strong coffee skills are an essential prerequisite of the corporate waiter skill set.


Our Boardroom Supervisors are the key linkage with our corporate clients. As well as direct staff supervision they may perform administrative and management type roles. Including  stock control, liaising with suppliers and co-ordinating opening and closing and much  more.


Our corporate hospitality coverage extends to reception and concierge in the most prestigious corporate environments. Our staff can be regularly seen working in a number of CBD corporate buildings on both ad hoc, fill-in assignments, and long-term placements.


We can provide AV support and management. Microphones, video conferencing, and big screen presentations are all integral parts of corporate events and conferences.


Our chefs and cooks have experience across an enormous range of different styles of food and cooking. You can rest assured that they will be confident and familiar with what is required, and perfectly able to prepare flawless food.

Kitchen Hands

Our kitchen hands are experienced in assisting chefs with basic food prep, such as peeling and chopping, basic cooking, assembling canapés and carving meats, as well as maintaining a clean, hygienic and orderly kitchen.

Café Attendants

Our café attendants are able to help with any needs you may have for your staff or corporate cafe- taking orders, ensuring food is prepared correctly according to your specifications, serving and clearing.


For any ancillary needs you may have, such as caterers, florists, hire companies, and more, Clifford Wallace’s large network of suppliers is fully available to you.