Staff for Hospitality Businesses | Clifford Wallace Agency Hospitality

Venues & Back-of-House

For businesses in need of extra hands in busy periods, or other times when staff are scarce, Clifford Wallace can offer knowledgeable, reliable and professional staff to fill any position, from frontline staff, to back-of-house, to managerial positions.

Clifford Wallace staff are available in a pinch to fill in if your staff are sick or away, for a single day, or to fill longer vacancies while a permanent fill-in is found. Our staff are extensively trained in a diverse skill set, so they are able to easily fit in to any business type.

A La Carte Waiters

Our adaptable and willing waiters bring countless hours of experience to every role they take on in any type of business – restaurants, cafés, hotels and more. We are confident that wherever they go, they will work with pride and enthusiasm.


In the hands of our talented and dedicated baristas, the complex art of coffee making looks easy.  Their efficiency and precision has been wrought by years of practice and dedication.

Bar Staff

Our bar staff are equipped with enormous knowledge and the organisational skills needed to run a bar smoothly and efficiently. The customer service they provide is peerless.


Our chefs and cooks have an enormous range of food and kitchen experience. Regardless of what you need, you can rest assured that they will be confident and familiar with what is required, and perfectly able to prepare flawless food.

Kitchen Hands

Our kitchen hands are experienced in assisting chefs with basic food prep, such as peeling and chopping, basic cooking, assembling canapés and carving meats, as well as maintaining a clean, hygienic and orderly kitchen.

Café Attendants

Our café attendants are able to help with anything – taking orders with a smile, ensuring food is assembled correctly according to your specifications, delivering plates and clearing dishes. They are a cornerstone of the efficiency on which we pride ourselves.


Our trustworthy and very talented supervisory staff set Clifford Wallace’s service apart. They co-ordinate staff, and act as your first point of contact in many venues.