Recognising Excellence: Employees of the Month | Clifford Wallace Agency

Employees of the Month: January to March

Congratulations to our latest crop of employees who have been recognised by clients and colleagues alike for being the gold standard of excellence at the Clifford Wallace agency. We applaud them on their enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond at work. We are extremely proud of them and the consistency and growth they have shown since they joined us, as they should be too. Brava!


Agata Povroźnik

Originally hailing from Poland, Agata joined us as a waiter. Specifically, she is one of our boardroom waiters who cater to corporate clients all around Sydney and has been an important member of our team at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Agata is receiving this award because she is an incredibly hard worker, as noted by both clients and her Clifford Wallace colleagues. She always make sure to approach work with a brilliant attitude. Agata can be counted on to be smiling. She’s happy to help anyone, and maintains the utmost professionalism at all times.


Katia Fastelli

Katia joined the agency nearly 4 years ago as a function waiter, having a very positive attitude towards work. She is so hard working, keen and professional that very quickly she was deemed to be “a machine!” She is cheerful, always smiling and is a fantastic team player.

Katia’s outstanding performance and professionalism is regularly recognised and mentioned by our clients, supervisors and staff members alike, particularly at her regular role at PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Begoña Romero

Begoña has been with Clifford Wallace for nearly 2 years now. She joined as a Function Waiter and promptly progressed her career with us to become a Team Leader, A la Carte Waiter and Boardroom Waiter. Begoña is a key member of our NSW Parliment team.

What characterises Begoña is a big and lovely smile that she always brings to work with her. She is passionate, dedicated and always very professional and friendly with guests. Begoña provides a real hospitality experience with her service wherever she goes. She is a fantastic team player and is regularly recognised by our team, supervisors and clients.