What’s in a Promo?

May 1st, 2017

To people outside of the entertainment industry, it’s the prestige and the glamour of film and television that looks the most alluring, but our Promotional Staff form one of the cornerstones of what we do.

Our Promotional Staff work exceptionally hard, and for the Clifford Wallace Agency they represent the overlap between our two divisions: Entertainment and Hospitality. So we’re taking the time to have a closer look at the sort of things our promotional staff get up to.

Being a good promo person is a lot like acting, except there’s no set script (most of the time), and no one to yell cut to allow you to drop character. Our promotional staff have to have the utmost charisma and wit, staying on their toes to ensure that they shine brighter than anyone else around.

Ranging from handing out flyers on the street, to hosting tours, to dressing up for special events and launches, the duties of promotional staff begin and end with how personable they can be. The best promo people remain effervescent and charming even when all eyes are on them.

You’ve got to be a performer and a people person, able to think on your toes while you stick to the brief. You’ve got to be able to switch it on and sustain it, too. We think that those are some pretty marvelous traits to have.

If you’re interested in know more, take a look at all our very talented male and female promotions staff. Combining great looks with unbeatable charisma, they’re ready for whatever comes their way.