We Love Independent Sydney

September 22nd, 2016

At Clifford Wallace, TV commercials, extras, and television roles are our bread and butter, and of course we love any opportunity for our talent to shine, big or small. But we also love the creativity and innovation of independent Sydney. Many of our actors can be seen in independent theatre productions and participating in other independent projects, and we’re so proud of the broad range, motivation, and ambition of our actors.

A couple of months ago we shone a spotlight on the very talented Alison Headrick, and since then she has been profiled on her determination and awe-inspiring will to succeed as an actor, and her participation in important projects coming out of Western Sydney. You can read more about Alison over at the Penrith City Gazette.

The Sydney Fringe festival is drawing to a close, and as part of the festival that explored the best of Sydney’s independent talents in theatre, poetry, dance and art, Lauren Lloyd Williams appeared in a production of Clare Booth Luce’s 1939 play The Women at Marrickville’s Depot Theatre. Despite the play’s 70-year vintage and many iterations over the years, Lauren and the rest of the all-female cast still made it feel fresh and bold.

Also for Sydney Fringe, the versatile Valentino Arico appeared in the hugely popular sell-out smash Bathhouse: The Musical, a very cheeky piece of queer theatre that turned white towels and steamy saunas into musical theatre gold.

Underground Cinemasam-m-cwa is a staple of Sydney’s more adventurous events, and next month Clifford Wallace talent Sam McNair will be lending his services to help create an immersive and fun experience for movie-goers that gives them new perspective and adds new dimension to the act of watching a film. The more mystery surrounding the experience, the better.

You can also catch two of our quirkiest characters, Diab Metry and Naser Ali, in the comedy webseries Dave Plus One, Sydney-based effort that has been making some serious waves.

Even outside of Sydney, our diverse and multi-talented stable of actors are helping to push arts and culture in Australia in new and interesting directions. Gavin Ingham assisted in the creation of what sounds like an absolutely stunning and groundbreaking work of immersive theatre for Melbourne Fringe.

The range of projects taken on by the talents we represent shows a remarkable breadth and depth to their skills and experience, as well as their desire to keep pursuing those skills down different avenues. Who knows where they’ll end up? Best keep an eye out.

Banner image by Matt Akersten.