Talent Resources: Workshops & Classes

September 27th, 2016

It’s a cliché, but it’s a useful cliché: Practice makes perfect. Learning the tricks of the trade is just as useful for actors and performers as any other profession, so this month we’re shining a spotlight on a couple of classes that may prove invaluable for our stable of Clifford Wallace talent.

Mitchell Casting Audition Workshop

Mitchell Casting (located in Potts Point) is inviting you to take part in a special audition workshop on either Thursday October 27th or Saturday November 5th in the lead up to 2017’s pilot season. For a fee of only $275, acclaimed casting director Amanda Mitchell will demystify the casting process, discuss the variables in casting decision making, answer questions about acting for film and television, and discuss the differences in casting for Australia and the U.S., all in a safe space in which actors can demonstrate and explore their own audition technique. To book, e-mail assist@mitchellcasting.com, and for more info visit Mitchell Casting at www.mitchellcasting.com or call 02 8007 7690.

Voice Over Course at AFTRS

Voice over is one of the most lucrative roles out there for actors and other kinds of performers. In November, AFTRS is offering a two-day voice over course. The cost of $680 seems like nothing when you take into account the comprehensiveness of the course, which is taught by industry expert and NIDA graduate Amy Longhurst, who has worked on an enormous range of television shows and advertisements. You may not know her face, but undoubtedly you’ve heard her voice.

Enrolment is easy via the AFTRS website. All that is asked is an acting and performance background – no experience with voice over work is required to take part in the course.

TAFTA Workshops

The Australian Film and Television Academy have heaps of great workshops taking place in Sydney all the time. One of the most exciting is a workshop with TV director Jovita O’Shaughnessy (Neighbours, Home & Away, Wonderland) and film director and award-winning actor Denny Lawrence, taking place across the weekend on November 12th and 13th.

This workshop, which costs less than $500, is an amazing example to get up-close-and-personal critiques on your performance and look, as well as important and valuable advice on shooting, developing a character, movement and blocking, and more. Book through the TAFTA website – places are limited!

Faith Martin – Film & Television Casting Director

On October 29th, there will be a unique opportunity to workshop with legendary talent agent and casting director Faith Martin, who is renowned both locally and internationally. Her industry gathered knowledge and experience, combined with twenty years of teaching and presenting transformative seminars based in Universal Laws – focused specifically on expanding our awareness of both the challenges and the potential in human behaviour and out back story – offers up a potent investment for character work, interpretation of story, and what we bring to all areas of our lives.

The workshop is limited to only 12 participants, and offers ways to improve camera performance and master the auditioning process, as well as empower your career. The workshop takes place on Saturday October 29th at Adina Surry Hills from 9am to 6pm, and costs $500/ For more information and to register, e-mail stars@faithmartin.com.au or call Faith Martin Casting on 612 9383 4374.