Talent Resources: Tips & Tutorials

August 25th, 2016

There’s always something new to learn. We’re  highlighting some of the resources that will help actors, models and other talented people improve and diversify their skill sets, focusing on things that are free, and classes of which we can guarantee the quality.


Accents can be hard, but they’re an important part of any actor’s repertoire. Amy Walker’s YouTube series is a great (and free!) place to start for anyone wanting to learn an American accent, and includes a really helpful warm-up for delivering those hard ‘r’s and American vowels. And if you’ve already learned an American accent, it’s always good to brush up.

There are sure to be many other accent tutorials on YouTube, so it’s always worth a look if you’re in need of some help mastering a tricky dialect.

Greg Apps – tips and classes

Greg-Cut-Out-Square-300x3001Australian casting director Greg Apps’ website, The Audition Technique, is loaded with amazing tips, all of them 100% free, as well as offering paid online classes. Apps understands that auditions are very different to performing when you actually do land the job, and he focuses on very specific audition methods that are tried and true.

We think the paid courses are well worth doing, particularly if you’re having trouble at the audition stage. These are the building blocks of a great acting career!