Peter Lee in Virtual Reality

August 22nd, 2016

Peter LeeClifford Wallace talent Peter Lee has been killing it recently – must be something about his friendly face and can-do attitude. Peter took some time from his busy schedule of auditions and jobs to answer a few questions for us, in particular about his most recent role in a pilot for a projected virtual reality series, and everything that acting can offer, no matter who you are.

What made you want to get into acting? How long have you been doing it?

I am a Christian and acting is my vision. When I started, I was heavily involved with church and really wanted to share my experiences of Jesus Christ in some way. I hope to share the love and experiences that have really encouraged me to motivate the people I meet.

I started acting around the beginning of 2014, so it has been about two and a half years. It all started when I took a gap semester from Sydney University thinking about what I wanted to do in the future.  Like any typical person, I went job hunting on so that I didn’t throw away my 6 months of break. I had no prior experience in any work (including work experience from high school) except for a month as a Christmas casual at Industrie but somehow I came across an agency and it all started from there.

And of course, I quite enjoy representing and embodying a character and really building upon the finer details of the life it never had! (Or has it?)

You recently filmed a virtual reality pilot; how different was it to shooting a normal scene? Was there anything that surprised you?

Filming the virtual reality pilot wasn’t too different to a normal scene. I worked on a set which was completely green screen wall all around and so to help, the crew had stuck a piece of paper with a symbol to track the camera’s depth to the green screen. A surprising part of this filming was when the crew used a Kinect camera to scan my body as part of virtual character which was really cool. You had to stand quite still as they scanned you all around with the end result forming a virtual model of my whole body.

Another thing that the virtual reality pilot that surprised me? The script plot! Only way to know is by watching it!

What’s been your favourite acting or commercial job to work on? Why?

It was actually the recent virtual reality pilot that I absolutely loved! When I went for my audition, the casting director told me to add my own twist to the script. I was quite free in how I was allowed to interpret it and I was allowed to ad-lib which isn’t possible in commercial jobs because the marketing team has a specific reasoning and choice to promote a product. The freedom allowed me to change certain lines that I didn’t feel comfortable with and by being confident in what I said really allowed me to give hundred percent. I also enjoyed putting on a full costume and make-up because it gave life to the character. The mix of costume, make-up, script, and the cast and crew was just amazing!

What’s your number one audition tip?

Not sure if I have any right to give tips but…

Enjoy the moment. You got the job? Praise God! Great job! You didn’t? Praise God! What an enjoyable experience! Learn from that and move on!