Clifford Wallace Agency Supports Marriage Equality

September 28th, 2017

The late Clifford Wallace established and built a business based on honesty, quality and integrity, values that we have endeavour to maintain to this day.

We also strive to practice inclusion, equality and diversity, our extended family includes all orientations, ethnicities, and religions.  We have practiced inclusion for more than twenty years and we’re still counting.

In the upcoming postal plebiscite, we encourage everyone to vote Yes. At the Clifford Wallace Agency, we feel that every person has the right to express their love and have their love recognised. We believe in equality for all and oppose any form of discrimination.




The Postal Plebiscite

The distribution of postal voting forms has already begun. It is strongly urged that all eligible voters return their form no later than Friday, October 27th. To find out more, visit the ABS website. If you are enrolled to vote and have not received a form, you can request a replacement.