Introducing our L.A. Correspondent

May 1st, 2017

CWA commercial talent and actor Elke has her eyes on the prize, and always does everything she can to grow and improve as a performer. To that end, she’ll soon be heading off to the States for a very special experience in the midst of the U.S. entertainment industry. While she’s there, she’ll be reporting back to us about what she finds, and what she learns. As a send-off, we asked her a few questions about her mission overseas.


Where exactly are you headed?

I am travelling around the West Coast of America with my family for a few weeks then I’ll be based in L.A. throughout June, July and part of August.

What is the course you’ll be taking, and who is it run by?

I am taking part in the TAFTA (Television and Film Training Academy) L.A. Experience.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

By immersing myself in L.A. life, I hope to experience what working in America is really like for an actor. I am going to throw everything I’ve got into this course, training full time as well as attending industry events, and hope to create opportunities for myself within the industry. I want to soak up everything L.A. has to offer and learn as much as I possibly can from all the industry professionals I’m lucky enough to get to work with, helping me find work in both the US market and Australia.

Do you think travelling and new experiences are essential to be successful in the entertainment industry?

I definitely think travelling and new experiences are an integral part of success in the entertainment industry. It opens up your eyes to everything else out there and all the other creative possibilities. I love how much you can learn from meeting new people in foreign places.

What have  you done to prepare?

Over the past year, aside from constantly working on scenes, shooting short films, music videos and TVC’s, I have taken US dialect classes, workshops with numerous Directors and Casting Directors, multiple audition/screen test workshops as well as had private coaching and mentoring to prepare me as best as possible for the US market and TAFTA LA Experience.

To follow Elke’s journey, follow her on Instagram @elkekahler.