Elke Kahler: Aussie in LA

July 17th, 2017

A couple of months ago, we wished a fond (temporary) farewell to the very hard working and dedicated Elke Kahler. She headed off to LA to perfect her craft at the epicenter of the entertainment industry.

Elke sent us an update: “It has been incredible. I’m absolutely loving it and learning so much.”

She’s currently based in the Hollywood Hills, venturing out into L.A., getting more familiar with it, and falling in love with the city. While abroad she’s been working with other Aussies who have made the pilgrimage to L.A.. Actors and coaches like Nic Bishop, Kendal Ray,  and Lisa Robertson have been lending their expertise.

The United States is another world, so the experience and know-how that Elke’s gained with immersing herself in it is amazing. She’s encountered American casting directors, directors, dialect coaches and more.

Of the experience, Elke also said “It has been very intense, but I am definitely getting a feel for what it’s like to work over here. I’ve had writing, script analysis, stand up comedy, and sitcom sessions, as well as voice and movement classes.”

Elke will be in L.A. for another three weeks, and has a lot of other meetings lined up as well.

It will likely be a new, refreshed performer who returns to us. We can’t wait to see firsthand the growth that Elke has made. New headshots, private lessons, new adventures – all add up to great experience.

To follow Elke’s journey, follow her on Instagram @elkekahler.