Why Diversity is Important to Us

July 3rd, 2017

Why diversity is important to the Clifford Wallace Agency. Representing all people.

One of the reasons we love the business we’re in is because we give people a platform to get out there and give their all. We give people the opportunity to be seen and appreciated for the great things they do well.

We take enormous pride in the diversity of the people – people of all ethnicities, genders, cultural backgrounds, and ages – that are being represented because of us.

To us, diversity is not a quota. It’s a way of looking at all the things that make the talented people that are under the Clifford Wallace umbrella different and special. It’s far more interesting to see a range of different people acting, modeling, singing, dancing, and more, than to just see one carbon copy or an archetype.

In the entertainment industry we have a privileged position to shine a light on talent that might otherwise not fit the status quo. We can make the things we see on stage and screen more accurately representative of the multicultural and inclusive society we live in.

At the Clifford Wallace Agency it’s one of our goalsĀ to see our talent in roles that aren’t stereotypical. More than anything we just want to see our talent in roles that fit their particular skill sets to a T.

Different points-of-view make life far more interesting. So let’s find out what story our huge range of CWA talent can tell.

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