Celebrities in Ads Before They Were Famous

July 19th, 2016

Everybody has to start somewhere. The road to being a respected name is long, and most likely full of diversions. Take a look at some of the most well-known names around and appreciate how far they’ve come on their road to success.

JenniferJennifer Lawrence

You wouldn’t expect it of a woman as down-to-earth and relatable as Oscar winner J-Law to star in a commercial like this, but that preening princess in this commercial for MTV’s Super Sweet 16 is the very same star of movies like Winter’s BoneThe Hunger Games and Joy.


Tina2Tina Fey

Unsurprisingly, the woman famous for playing the often exasperated Liz Lemon on 30 Rock was doing her awkward (albeit very likable) schtick for years before she hit it big. She’s a joy to watch in this unconventional and attention grabbing commercial.


NaomiNaomi Watts

It’s shocking how unusual it is to hear Naomi Watts’ Australian accent – since she rarely gets to use it on screen these days – but it’s out in full force in this Tampax ad. It’s a reminder not just of how far our Naomi’s come, but how far ads have come in general.


MegMeg Ryan

Meg Ryan has a smile that could sell ice to an eskimo, so surely she could sell a Whopper to just about anyone. And she did just that. In this 1992 Burger King commercial (that’s Hungry Jacks in the antipodes), Meg Ryan is bubbly and vivacious, and makes the Whopper look and sound amazing.


DemiDemi Moore

For a while, Demi Moore was one of the most sought after women in Hollywood. To get there, though, there were a few stepping stones, one of which was a rather silly Diet Coke spot. Even when she’s falling out the window after her favourite carbonated beverage, Demi has the grace and elegance we all know.