Celebrities in Ads Before They Were Famous (Continued)

July 26th, 2016

Everybody has to start somewhere. The road to being a respected name is long, and most likely full of diversions. Take a look at some more of the most well-known names around and appreciate how far they’ve come on their road to success.

Elijah WoodMTE1ODA0OTcxODgwNTE1MDg1

Before he grew into his Hobbit feet, the man best known as Frodo Baggins appeared in a strange little commercial expounding the many benefits of eating cheese. You’ll never see someone eating cheese so expressively, so it’s no wonder this youngster grew up to be the acclaimed actor he is.


Ben_Affleck_2009_(cropped)Ben Affleck

What is it with Burger King launching the careers of actors? Like Meg Ryan before him, Ben Affleck got a small break appearing in an ad for the burger franchise. Boyish young Ben is a bit of a rogue, as the ad illustrates, but of course in the end he gets the girl the only way he knows how.


Bryan Cranstonv1

Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad, Trumbo) is known for his acting transformations, so no wonder that he was cast in this soap commercial, in which he transforms from a disgusting skunk, back into a man again, to the delight of his partner. Look how chuffed he is.


Mandela Day Concert - Backstage StudioMorgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman – what a voice! That voice, along with Freeman’s stony visage, once appeared in a commercial for Black & Long Cigarettes. It was obviously a very different time – remember when they still advertised cigarettes – and makes for a fascinating look at the cinema icon’s early career.


Steve Carellstevecarell

Before he portrayed one of the most beloved TV characters off all time on The Office for nearly a decade, the hilarious Steve Carell was just like any other actor looking for a lucky break. His charisma and on-screen presence are already clear in the ad he did for Brown’s Chicken in the early ’90s.