Actors You Might Not Recognise out of Character (Continued)

July 14th, 2016

Sometimes an actor blends into a role so convincingly that you can’t place who it is. Some have made a career out of it. Here is a continuation of our selection of the most impressive transformations in movies and television that might throw you for a loop.

Nancy Cartwright


Nancy Cartwright has been on TV for nearly 30 years, but you might not even realise it if you were to walk past her on the street. She is the voice of Bart Simpson, as well as many other smaller roles on The Simpsons, and her prowess at using her voice distinctive and unusual ways has made her a key part of the show’s cast.

Tilda Swinton


Tilda Swinton has become famous for her distinctive, androgynous sense of style, but she’s still known to surprise on-screen. She was unrecognisable, but still brilliant, as the dastardly Deputy-Minister Mason in the sci-fi flick Snowpiercer, was artificially aged to hilarious effect in The Grand Budapest Hotel, and transcended both time and gender in Virginia Woolf adaptation Orlando.

Jared Leto


Jared Leto seems to be willing to do just about anything for a role. He gained a huge amount of weight to play Mark David Chapman (murderer of John Lennon) in Chapter 27, and shed an enormous amount for his Oscar-winning role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. Leto is known for his method acting approach where he literally becomes the character he’s playing.

Ralph Fiennes


It was a big surprise when Ralph Fiennes, known for his dashing good looks, played the snakelike and ghastly Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. The prosthetics that Fiennes wore for the role are seamless and scarily effective, magnifying his amazing talent while simultaneously masking the actor that everyone recognised.

Eddie Redmayne


Former model Eddie Redmayne is best known for a pair of killer back-to-back performances in The Theory of Everything, for which he was awarded an Oscar, and The Danish Girl. In the former movie, he completely inhabits the character of Stephen Hawking, and in the latter he played transgender woman Lili Elbe. Redmayne so effectively brought these real people to life on screen to the point where you might forget he’s just an actor.