10 Best Advertisements of All Time part 2

June 7th, 2016
6. Pepsi

Released in 2002

A young boy being brought into a Buddhist monastery, learning how to become a monk. He is faced with the task of figuring out what the symbol of the Monks heads mean. He realizes that if he crushes the can with his head- he will get the same symbol.


7. Volkswagen

Released in 2011

This Volkswagen ad tugs the strings on your heart. The little kid in this ad is attempting to use the force to start the washing machine and clothes dryer, then waking the dog and moving the doll. He is startled to discover that he can actually start a car with the force. Little does he know…


8. Snickers

Released 2016

The famous Willhem Dafoe recreating the famous Marilyn Monroe subway grate scene and is clearly fed up. He is handed a Snickers bar – playing of their slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry” transforming into the radiant Marilyn Monroe after just one bite.



9. Cadbury

Released in 2009

This video went viral being viewed over four million times in the first three weeks. One minute of two kids making their eyebrows dance to catchy music. The idea behind this production is about losing yourself and embracing the moment of joy. What a great concept!


10. Berlitz

Released in 2005

Berlitz is a language school and this video went viral due to it’s comedy. If you haven’t seen this ad, do yourself a favour and watch it below!