10 Best Advertisments of All Time

May 27th, 2016

We are constantly providing talent to Australian TV commercials and were curious as to what makes commercials successful. Here are the top ten most best television advertisements.

1. Old Spice

Released in 2010

This may come as no surprise as this ad is quite unique. This campaign cleverly targets female viewers due to females frequently make purchasing decisions for hygiene products – despite the product being a male body wash.

2. Dove

Released in 2006

This advertisement when viral when it was released demonstrating the harsh reality of the beauty industry. This advertwas very successful for Dove as their branding focuses on “real beauty” allowing the audience to feel cared for by the brand.

3. Carlton Draught

Released in 2005

This Australian made ad used viral marketing techniques to promote the ad online before it was broadcasted on TV. This ad recieved over 30 global awards. With great visuals and a catchy song- what’s not to love?

4. Hyundai

Released in 2016

Although this ad is quite new, it features Kevin Hart so it’s bound to be a success. Aside from a celebrity being involved in the ad- the humor and relativity makes the ad enjoyable for audiences of all ages. Do yourself a favour and watch the ad!

5. T-mobile

Released in 2009

This advertisement inspired the flash mob worldwide- winning the British television advertising awards. This ad is filmed in London’s Liverpool St Station- compromising of 350 dancers and hidden cameras surprising commuters passing by.


Stay tuned to find out what the other five best ads of all time are!