Employees of the Month: April to June | Clifford Wallace Agency

Congratulations to our latest crop of employees who have been recognised by clients and colleagues alike for being the gold standard of excellence at the Clifford Wallace agency. We applaud them on their enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond at work. We are extremely proud of them and the consistency and growth they have shown since they joined us, as they should be too.

Carlos FloresApril

Carlos Flores

Carlos was nominated for Employee of the Month by one of our major legal clients for an exceptional contribution to the client floor operation during the month of April.

From joining us in 2013, Carlos has progressed from a humble Function Waiter to one of our most requested Boardroom Waiters. He can also often be seen working at many of our most important events, including the annual Event Inception.

Carlos is known for his immaculate grooming and presentation, as well as his enthusiastic and motivated attitude which we hope personifies the Clifford Wallace brand. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see Carlos grow during his time with the agency.


Mario Aragon

Mario joined the agency 8 months ago. He was initially shy, but he presented great confidence in his skill set. We recognised Mario’s potential right from the start.

With outstanding dedication, consistency and through learned experienced he promptly progressed his career with us to become a Boardroom Waiter.

Mario’s outstanding attitude and work ethics are regularly recognised by our team, supervisors and clients. Mario is a fantastic team player and a vibrant part of our team at Clifford Wallace representing us on functions and in major boardrooms.


Ken Ritchie

Ken joined the agency 10 months ago, bringing on board his high class hospitality experience working as a flight attendant for one of the major airlines.

Ken understood CWA’s top standards and quality of service right from the start . His professionalism, outstanding personality and attention to details got him working with our major clients immediately.

Ken’s ‘can-do’ attitude, adaptability and exemplary work ethics have been recognised and mentioned by his work colleagues, supervisors and clients. Some of the feedback Ken received from clients included: “He is amazing. Presentation immaculate. Willing to go above and beyond the job. Want to clone him. Great team leader.”