Recognising Excellence: Employees Who Have Gone Above and Beyond | Clifford Wallace Agency

Employee of the Year: 2016

Our unanimous winner for 2016 is Mario Cortes, who we first met around seven years ago and is now a full-time employee.

Mario has had a great year, from being our number one highly preferred Supervisor at Aria to a string of individual corporate boardroom relationships he has established.

The humour, can-do attitude and smile Mario brings to every job and every situation, however challenging, is an example to all of those he leads and indeed a lesson to us all. Mario is also an academic with a background in Human Rights.

Congratulations Mario, very well deserved, we are all very proud of you.

Our runner-up is Thais Naman, Thais brings a unique and very hard work ethic to every single job she is involved in, it does not matter how hard the job, she inspires great confidence that she will rise to any challenge. Supervisor, Bar, Barista or Waiter, she has a versatility second to none.

She always demonstrates a modesty and a humility about her own talents, working exceptional hours and doing anything asked of her. We really appreciate her efforts, she is one of our very best and we are very lucky to have her as part of our team.

Employees of the Month: October to December

Congratulations to our latest crop of employees who have been recognised by clients and colleagues alike for being the gold standard of excellence at the Clifford Wallace agency. We applaud them on their enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond at work. We are extremely proud of them and the consistency and growth they have shown since they joined us, as they should be too. Bravo! Brava!



Esteban Ortiz

Esteban has been working with us for few months now. He joined us as a Function Waiter. Hard-working, keen and eager to learn, Esteban instantly started getting excellent feedback from clients and Supervisors. Some of the feedback Esteban received included : “Excellent worker, great example of presence on the floor and proactivity,” “Esteban is a great waiter, he doesn’t stop working,” and “Presents immaculate and has very good manners.”

Esteban is now a vital part of our team at Clifford Wallace. He represents us on functions and in boardrooms. He is cheerful, always smiling and is a fantastic team player.



Felipe Romero

Felipe joined us as a kitchen hand, and since beginning his relationship with Clifford Wallace has shown remarkable growth and ambition for improvement.

He has earned qualifications as a barista as well as received boardroom training to work with some of our most distinguished clients including KPMG and PwC. Felipe’s outstanding dedication and motivation, as well as his friendly and positive outlook have made him a favourite among both staff and clients.

We don’t know what we would do without Felipe.



Ajay Parish

Ajay ended a wonderful year on a high. It feels like a culmination of her long and brilliant history in the hospitality industry and with Clifford Wallace.

She is one of our main supervisors, and her work is highly valued by some of our most important catering clients, though she can always be depended on to provide her magic touch for any event or function, regardless of what is required.

Ajay’s wealth of experience and friendly, can-do attitude make her exactly the kind of person who excels with Clifford Wallace, and who upholds the inclusiveness, dedication and enthusiasm for which the agency is known.