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What’s the Perfect Party Food?

November 10th, 2017

What’s the criteria for the ultimate party food? Surely you’d suggest something easy to eat, not messy, delicious, and a conversation starter. But what food fits all that criteria?

We had a chat with Maria Barkman, a former Clifford Wallace team member who went on to achieve some pretty spectacular things with an unexpected, wholly natural h’ors d’oeuvre that could be the perfect party food.

Maria started with the agency in 2010. The native of the Netherlands brought a huge amount of hospitality experience, and her open-hearted, welcoming attitude helped her shine. Working across functions and boardrooms, both as a team member and as a supervisor, Maria is an event and party expert.

Leaving the agency in mid-2014, but with her heart still firmly in the hospitality industry, Maria founded a brand new pursuit on her 30th birthday. Sydney Oyster Girls was born.

Their role is simple: the bubbly and friendly Sydney Oyster Girls, armed with all the tools they need, serve up oysters shucked on the spot.

They’re a great party food because they’re a luxury item, they’re generally regarded as an aphrodisiac, and they’re a completely fresh, unprocessed canapé

Maria explains that fresh shucked oysters are a rare treat, as they retain the natural briny flavour that is lost in pre-shucked and washed oysters.

Maria says of oysters that they’re a great party food because they’re a luxury item, they’re generally regarded as an aphrodisiac, and they’re a completely fresh, unprocessed canapé.

Part of the fun, Maria says, is that party guests dubious about oysters are often converted after chatting with one of the Sydney Oyster Girls and trying some of the freshest seafood around.

Maria personally trains all of the Sydney Oyster Girls, imparting knowledge about where the oysters come from, interesting oyster facts, and the skills needed to effortlessly shuck the often stubborn shells.

What Sydney Oyster Girls do is very similar to two aspects of what we do here at Clifford Wallace. They are simultaneously waiters and promotional staff – serving food while being engaging, charismatic, and comfortable talking to event attendees.

To guests, the immaculately dressed Sydney Oyster Girls look effortless, but Maria says that a key part of working in hospitality is making hard work look like fun. “The harder you work, the better party the guests have,” She says.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the experience of guests at your next party or event, then definitely consider oysters. Get in touch with us to find out more about the premium hospitality staffing we can offer to complement and elevate every part of your vision.

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