Solving Your Casual Staffing Shortage

The Secret To Solving Your Casual Staffing Shortage

July 11th, 2018
As the hospitality sector continues to thrive in the current economic environment, one of the big issues we face is how to beat the skills shortage and maintain staffing levels.

The good news is that with positive growth in the Australian hospitality industry predicted to continue, coupled with a stable economy and continued growth in key international markets, the future is looking bright.

The downside for industry professionals is that with growth comes an increased pressure on our hospitality labour force. The demand for new sources of talented and skilled casual workers is currently on a high with our skills deficiency predicted to increase to 69% by 2020. Overseas job candidates, in particular international students, are an obvious choice when it comes to filling the gap, but the statistics show that the use of these workers has dropped*.

The challenges for hospitality professionals in harnessing this talent pool can be intimidating. How do you manage staff who have a visa that limits them to 20 hours of work per week during the school term? How do you convert international hospitality experience to Australian standards and ensure that communication skills meet customer service standards?

Clifford Wallace Agency have a twenty years’ experience in recruiting, training and managing international students. We tap into their strong hospitality and customer service skills combined with skill sets from a variety of professional backgrounds and upskill them to Australian standards. Through mentoring and feedback, we ensure that our International student casuals can adapt to any Australian work environment. We also take care of background checks and ensure all certifications are valid and current.

Using a technology driven back-end process to ensure individual International Student workloads comply with all visa requirements, the Clifford Wallace team takes all the hard work out of complex roster management. Our online Staff Booking System gives you control over your casual workforce, for instance given you the option to preference the staff you really like through the My Team feature, while at the same time providing a peace of mind that all the compliance details are being taken care of for you.

Clifford Wallace has developed extensive experience in maximizing the potential of the International Student workforce to enhance the diversity of your workplace and ultimately expand your casual hospitality talent pool.

Discover more about tapping into the International Student casual workforce here.

Note *: Sourced from Australian Trade Commission, Austrade, (2015), Australian Tourism Labour Force Report 2015-2020