4 Keys To Quality Controlling Your Casual Workforce

4 Factors To Ensure Casual Staffing Quality

July 24th, 2018


When it comes to filling casual roles in the hospitality industry in Sydney, quality is just as important as quantity. You need the numbers, but how do you make sure that your casual staff are an asset to your company and how do you keep them engaged?

1. Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting hospitality staff, it’s not just about what’s on the cv. Personality, attitude and presentation should also be high on your attribute wish list. Roger McDonald, Company Director and Head of Recruitment at Clifford Wallace Agency, explains:

“In our industry, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who we think can also demonstrate great customer service skills to keep our clients happy. You need a good eye for potential talent, even if that means that there’s some room for improvement.”

Once the time-consuming, yet extremely important process of thorough background, work rights and certification checking is done, conducting practical and written skills assessments is necessary in allowing potential employees to showcase their hospitality strengths and abilities.

 2. Training

Training is a crucial step in harnessing your raw talent and quality controlling your casual talent pool. An induction with a practical basic skills component is a great way to introduce new recruits to your organisation’s standards and values and every aspect of a hospitality operation. Roger McDonald elaborates:

When we conduct Inductions, we make sure our new casuals know what we expect and what our clients expect. We combine this with training so that every staff member can demonstrate proficiency in the skills they will need on the job before they have a chance to walk through a client’s door.”

 3. Monitor

If working in hospitality is a means to an end and not a career path, how do you make sure your casual team still performs at the highest level? Quality controlling takes time and careful management and the key is continual but unobtrusive performance monitoring.

Roger McDonald explains how Clifford Wallace Agency uses technology to manage this;

“Supervisors are able provide feedback on staff after every event through our online staff portal. Our clients are also able to provide feedback through our client portal and can select their preferred team so that they can ensure their casual staff fit their organisation. In addition, through continual software development, we’re creating a comprehensive staff rating system. We reward great feedback and we can be quick to act if there are any issues that need to be addressed.”

Collating feedback from both clients and supervising staff is needed to monitor how each of your staff are performing so that you can help train them when things need improving. Whether a staff member gets positive or negative feedback, there should always be that desire to help them improve.

 4. Maintenance and Upskilling

Maintaining and reinforcing skill levels and encouraging continual improvement throughout the staff lifecycle is an important aspect of quality controlling your casual staff and keeping them motivated. The benefits are two-fold. Having casuals who can adapt to different roles increases organisational efficiency and gives the staff member variety.

Giving casual staff the opportunity to learn new skills can open their eyes to hospitality career opportunities and provide return on investment in the form of employees who stay with your organisation longer. Roger McDonald explains how Clifford Wallace Agency have put upskilling into practice;

“Our casuals are able to up-skill in-house at no cost to themselves or our client. They have the opportunity to undertake skills reinforcement, introductory and high-level barista training, boardroom waiter training and training for supervisory roles.

Clifford Wallace’s recent deployment of Yarno, a web-based skills reinforcement tool adds a fun, yet effective element to our upskilling programs. Through informative multiple-choice quizzes, it helps them to maintain and consolidate what they’ve learnt.

With over twenty years’ experience in supplying hospitality staff to Sydney’s leading corporate, restaurant and event organisations, Clifford Wallace Agency can offer advice and solutions for a wide range of hospitality needs.  To find out more or to access the Clifford Wallace Agency talent pool of casual staff, contact our friendly team.