Clifford Wallace's Moustache Growing Tips: Week One

Mo-Tips for Movember: Week 1

November 6th, 2018
Step up your grooming game with Clifford Wallace’s Mo Tips!
Week One: Starting Strong


1. Know your mo. Remember; a mo is like a gift to your face so do your research.
Decide which ‘stache style suits you best and grow according.
2. Perseverance is key. If this is your first time attempting to grow facial fuzz, be
prepared for an uncomfortable couple of days.
3. Resist the itch. You might feel sudden urges to scratch your growing face follicles.
Do not, under any circumstances, do this. You’re going to get itchy. Fact. Accept it and
move on.
4. Love it like you would a child. Look after your mo’. Nurture it, keep it clean, shower
it with love and affection. A mustache is only as good as its manicurist so don’t skimp
on grooming tools.