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Mo-Tips for Movember: Week 4

November 20th, 2018
Step up your grooming game with Clifford Wallace’s Mo Tips!
Week Four: Maintenance

Shampoo regularly. As fetching as they are, moustaches collect all sorts of things. No matter how delicious the food, it doesn’t belong in your Mo. Approach sticky, slimy and flaky foods with caution.

Nourish it. Moustache hair is coarse and benefits from regular conditioning. Work a dollop of conditioner into your Mo then rinse thoroughly. A poorly conditioned mo is basic bad beard etiquette. Not only are bristly whiskers hard to work with, course coiffeurs are a sign of mo negligence. Plus, your missus will thank you for it.

Steam clean. Wash your face with a hot towel to steam and cleanse the skin under your moustache as it can suffer from drying and itching. No one wants that.