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Meet Our Chefs: Tobias Horsch

May 17th, 2018

In 2016, Chef Tobias Horsch decided to make the trip Down Under to escape the winter that was quickly approaching the cold mountains of his home in Bern, Switzerland. What was initially intended to be a summer getaway quickly became an extended stay that hasn’t ended.

“There isn’t any other profession that gives you the freedom to travel to anywhere in the world and be able to find work.”

Tobias’ love for food emerged at a young age in his riverside hometown of Heidelberg, Germany where his parents ran a major catering company. His father was not only the company’s owner, but it’s head chef too. During his school holidays, Tobias would assist his father in food preparation and in washing the dishes to earn some extra pocket money.

After graduating high school. Tobias didn’t like the thought of sitting down for hours and studying. Instead he was keen to try something hands-on for a living, something that would bring out his creativity and produce an end-result. In a short leap, he made the decision to become a chef – just like his father.

With this aspiration in mind, Tobias began his travels. He started off by moving to Hamburg to undertake an apprenticeship at the two Michelin starred Jacobs Restaurant where he gained some valuable industry experience and mentoring from the head-chef.

“What I learnt was that it’s up to you as to how efficiently, how quickly and how much you want to learn. In well awarded restaurants there’s hardly time to take someone’s hand and have the time to teach them how to cook or prep certain things. It’s all about observing the experienced senior staff.”

Tobias’ passion to learn eventually landed him the role of demi chef at Jacobs Restaurant where after a year, he was able to perfect his classic-French cooking style. As a qualified chef now for some nine years, he has had the opportunity to travel to other countries across Europe and Asia.

During a trip to India, he stayed in Mumbai, becoming fascinated by the cooking techniques and recipes of South Indian cuisine.

“I’m still dying for an excellent chana masala with idlis! Unfortunately, one must travel to Mumbai to experience its perfection. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to cook it perfectly.”

Today, Tobias Horsch is proud to be a chef for the Clifford Wallace Agency. He has since developed a specialty in modern Australian cuisine and is a highly regarded and in demand chef.

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