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Le Club: Old School Glamour

August 29th, 2017

A very special fundraiser for St. Catherine’s School, the oldest Anglican girls’ school in Australia, took us to “Le Club” – a trip back in time to France in the 1820s (well before St Catherine’s School was founded). Joining some very talented performers, our jovial staff looked the part serving up some typically brilliant food from our client Katering.

“Le Club” treated attendees to deliciously dark ambiance. Before they even entered the marquee at Randwick Racecourse, two actresses outside put on a show by the entrance as a couple of drunk mademoiselles complaining about their no-good boyfriends. Events like these, that take attendees on a trip, are always highlights. They allow us to show off our versatility and adaptability in delightfully unusual circumstances.

Katering provided a huge amount of food for hungry guests. The caterer’s usual high standards were very much on display in the tailored, flavoursome and complementary selection, with special stations set up for freshly carved meat, cheese, and smoked salmon, as well as oysters and other finger foods. The generous selection seemed almost endless.

The drinks, too, were marvelous and teamed with the theme. A French Martini was each guest’s gateway to the setting, along with white, red and sparkling wine, and Pommery Champagne. A special variation on the Beauty Spot cocktail, made with vodka, lime, elderflower, and blueberry, gave guests a taste of something a bit sweeter.

In a first for the Clifford Wallace Agency, one of our staff spent the night in bed. Serving up gravlax is hard work, so Ken put his feet up and got to the important business of slicing the delicate salt-cured fish which was served on a shell.

With some era-appropriate costumes and striking burlesque-inspired makeup, Ken and the rest of the team looked the part too. Our staff aren’t performers by trade, but given the opportunity to play a new character they always rise to the occasion with vigor.

Speaking of performances, Le Club itself was a cabaret, with burlesque performances all night keeping guests entertained between auctions and games. This kind of old-school glamour with a dark or subversive twist seems to be all the rage at the moment – and we’re completely on board with it.

It’s not your usual kind of glamorous event, but Le Club was memorable and brilliantly executed. Guests were spoiled with great atmosphere and great food, and we are absolutely delighted to have been a part of it.

Every concept, no matter how wild or how demure, is music to our ears. Get in touch to find out how we can help you create something magical for your guests. We’re approaching the part of year when events seem to pop up every week, so start planning with us now.