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Interview with Head Chef Nick Whitehouse

December 16th, 2018
We had a chat to one of our superstar chef’s about hospitality, Sydney and comfort food.

You may recognize Nick Whitehouse as a 2013 contestant of Masterchef The Professionals, but his credentials extend far beyond the mainstream. Nick began his dedicated and diverse career in the kitchens of some of Europe’s top Michelin starred restaurants (La Tante Claire, Lindsay House). He then continued onward and upward to take the helm as head chef at a selection of stellar Sydney dining spots over the last decade (Koi, Wildfire). His resume also outlines a true adventurousness, take for example his time as personal head chef to a Qatari Prime Minister in 2002, or his early brush with event work in London after that.

One thing’s for certain – Nick Whitehouse is determined to expand his experience and explore new culinary frontiers. He’s certainly not afraid to try new things, develop his skill set and motivate others to do the same. Nick has been with the Clifford Wallace Agency for a few months now and we’re honoured to have his considerable skill and experience on board. We’ve been itching to ask him a few quick questions about his life and work, and it was lovely finding out a bit more about him! Read below for the low down.

Please introduce yourself and tell us your role in the company:
I’m a casual head chef/event chef but I’m adaptable to many different scenarios

How long have you been with Clifford Wallace?
About 4 months

How did you start out as a chef, what drew you to the culinary arts?
I started in Michelin restaurants and worked all over Europe. I went on a trip to France at 11 and after that I always wanted to cook French food and travel!

What is your favourite thing about being a chef? What do you find most challenging?
I enjoy people and chefs are good people and generally strong characters. The most challenging part for me  is running kitchens short staffed

What is it about being a Chef in hospitality and events that you love best?
I really enjoy being a chef as there is a good sense of achievement when making dishes from scratch,  the hard part is balancing it with your family life

How do you drink your Coffee? What’s your favourite comfort meal?
Strong & skinny flat white, and anything Thai

What do you love most about living and working in Sydney?
You are never too far away from a beach or somewhere nice and leafy to relax

How do you relax after a big day?
Craft beer & British comedy

Who is your role model and why?
Robin Williams as he battled with depression and still made people smile


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