We say hello and goodbye to some key team members at CWA

Hellos and Goodbyes at The Clifford Wallace Agency

October 23rd, 2018

Clifford Wallace Team

Hellos and Goodbyes!

Sadly we have said farewell to three of the biggest personalities of the CW Office team over the  last few weeks:

Monika Rimsaite after five years with CW, from Function Waiter to Supervisor, and then office and client management , we will all miss Monika’s sunny presence in our lives.

Juan Velasquez who after 7 years , firstly as Business Development and then General Manager has become the face of CW for many people, staff and clients for so long, Juan is a true legend, responsible for much of the growth and success of the last few years,  we are lucky that he will continue in a part time consultancy role from his native Colombia.

Kamila Boniecka who after four years of being our Recruitment guru is following her passion and launching her career and business as a Life Coach.

Kim Townsend, our Employee Relations Manager has taken over much of Juan’s work including leadership of the Office team and support to the Company Directors.  We also say hello and welcome to Cintia Coelho and Lisa Rozsavoelgyi who will be in the office frontline as Reception & Office Support and Diary Consultant respectively.