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Essential Brazilian Dishes, Part 2

August 10th, 2016

If you haven’t heard all the fuss about the Olympics, you must be living under a very large rock. To celebrate the distinctive and beautiful culture of Brazil, in honour of the Olympic Games, we’re taking a look at the essential Brazilian dishes for you to put on your food bucket list. This time, we’re looking at drinks and desserts.

  1. Cachaça

CCGDD413_Caipirinha-Recipe_s4x3Cachaça is spirit distilled from sugarcane juice, a distinctly Brazilian flavour that is delicately balanced between sweet and bitter. It is often served in the form of a caipirinha, a simple but reliable cocktail made with sugar and lime that will bring a taste of summer to even the most miserable days.


  1. Brigadeiros

This sweet treat is incredibly easy to make, containing only a handful of ingredients, but brigadeiromordidois still one of the most widely consumed confections in Brazil. The base of the recipe is sweetened condensed milk, butter and chocolate, which is formed into balls and decorated in various ways to make for bite-sized goodness.


  1. Açai

açai-na-tigelaKnown to many as a trendy superfood, it may come as a surprise that the açai berry hails from Brazil where it grows on the açai palm. There are many wonderful Brazilian recipes that make use of the wonderful purple berry, including the açai na tigela, which the health food nuts in Australia call an “açai bowl.”


  1. Quindim

The tropical taste of coconut makes this more than just any old flan. The shiny, mirrquindim-1ored surface of a well-made quindim is almost too beautiful to break apart with your spoon, but once you taste it you won’t regret it. It’s yet another dish that’s simple in terms of ingredients, but simply perfect in terms of flavour.


  1. Pavé

47f5b5744913c698524ea820f181b78cThere is nothing more satisfying than the crunch and crumble when your spoon or fork glides through this layered tart, except maybe the taste. There are many varieties to this crunchy and creamy dessert, but one thing they all have in common, whether chocolate or fruit, is the ingeniously assembled layers that make it such a treat.