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Employee Of The Year

January 1st, 2018

It’s that very exciting time of the year when we announce the name of one our our staff who has, over the past twelve months, exemplified our core values of professionalism, customer service, presentation and, above all, excellence in hospitality. It is our very great pleasure to announce that the Clifford Wallace Employee of the Year for 2017 is Thais Naman.

When Thais joined us 3 years ago in 2014 it wasn’t long before the whole team began to realise that here was a legend in the making.  Thais came to Clifford Wallace with tons of experience but it wasn’t just that which set her apart.

The bookings team and Supervisors realised very quickly that they had a super-woman on their hands. Apart from being skilled in just about everything, Thais proved herself as a wiz behind the bar. On top of that, she  could pull more than her fair share of shifts and still put her hand up when a last minute spot needed filling wearing out the treads on many pairs of shoes in the process!

Thais is the first Employee of the Year in Clifford Wallace history who has been nominated almost unanimously for the award. Her colleague, Mario Cortes, summed up everyone’s sentiments, commenting,

She has distinguished for being a tireless worker also someone who can perform different roles.

A one off unique mix of humility, energy, passion and humour Thais has an amazing work ethic.  Whether she’s an Event Supervisor, Barista, Cocktail Specialist or just one of the gang, she nails it every time. Quite simply, she’s extraordinary!

Thank you, Thais,  for your dedication to the Clifford Wallace Team and most of all for being one of the most amazing members of our family. We congratulate you on your award!