Employee of the Month: February 2017 | Clifford Wallace Agency

Employee of the Month: February 2017

March 13th, 2017

We believe it’s of the utmost importance to show that we appreciate the hard work of all of our staff. The ballots are in, and we have chosen the person who has received the honour of Employee of the Month for February 2017.

Congratulations to February’s Employee of the Month, Katia Fastelli

Katia joined the agency nearly 4 years ago as a function waiter, having a very positive attitude towards work. She is so hard working, keen and professional that very quickly she was deemed to be “a machine!” She is cheerful, always smiling and is a fantastic team player.

Katia’s outstanding performance and professionalism is regularly recognised and mentioned by our clients, supervisors and staff members alike . Some of the feedback she has received includes:

“Katia is highly organised, a true leader for all the CW team. The whole crew would be proud to say she was exceptional.”

“Katia is like a machine! Always focused, always fast, always happy to help.”

Katia is an amazing waitress and a Team Leader, a vital part of our team at Clifford Wallace representing us on functions and in boardrooms

We are proud to have Katia as part of the Clifford Wallace team. Congratulations again Katia, we hope you’ll enjoy your award.