Employee of the Month: April 2018 | Clifford Wallace Agency

Employee of the Month: April 2018

May 29th, 2018

It’s no surprise that we congratulate Lukas Linge on being our April Employee of the Month.  Having been described in feedback from both clients and supervisors as excellent and a superstar, it’s little wonder Lukas was a front runner for our monthly award.

Lukas comes from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, a beautiful city known for its baroque architecture and medieval Old Town. After leaving school, he completed a Bachelor in International Business Tourism. Bitten by the travel bug early, Lukas decided to start working his way through his bucket list of destinations. Australia was right there are the top of the list.

With the benefit of his education and a professional and diligent work ethic, Lukas has quickly become an invaluable member of the Clifford Wallace Team. He has been described as having a great positive energy with perfect customer service, great grooming and presentation and a positive and friendly attitude. He is also very happy to be part of the Clifford Wallace family:

Working for CWA opened so many different doors. I’ve made some friends that I will have for a life time. It is never boring because I am at a different location every day. Some of them I would have never gotten a chance to see as a tourist. Not to mention top up my skills.

When it comes to getting along with both clients and his fellow team members, Lukas is a crowd favourite. He frequently receives comments on his lovely manners and reliability which have made him a winner with his supervisors.

Lukas, from all of the Clifford Wallace team, we would like to thank you for your consistency and commitment to your work and we hope you enjoy your award.