Employee of the Month: July 2017 | Clifford Wallace Agency

Employee of the Month: July 2017

August 15th, 2017

We believe it’s of the utmost importance to show that we appreciate the hard work of all of our staff. The ballots are in, and we have chosen the person who has received the honour of Employee of the Month for July 2017.

Congratulations to July’s Employee of the Month, Alex Rodrigues

For Alex, this award has been a long time coming. For a few months in a row, he’s been a very close contender.

Alex is a crucial part of our team at Clifford Wallace representing us on functions and in boardrooms. He is always smiling, reliable when working on his own, and meshes very well as a part of the team. His outstanding performance and professionalism is regularly recognised by our clients, supervisors and staff members alike.

Alex has been working with us since the very beginning of the year. He joined us as a Function Waiter and only after a month he went through Boardroom Training in the office and started representing us in our best boardrooms.

Having a very positive attitude towards work, and being a hardworking, keen and eager to learn Alex instantly started getting excellent feedback from clients and Supervisors. Some of the feedback included:

“Alex never disappoints with his job. I believe he has it in his veins..”

“Alex is very proactive and helpful staff member, always on time and looking sharp every time.”

One of our most senior supervisors said very simply that Alex is “a dream.”

We are proud to have Alex as part of the Clifford Wallace team. Congratulations again Alex, we hope you’ll enjoy your award.