Employee of the Month: August 2018 Clifford Wallace Agency

Employee of the Month: August 2018

October 16th, 2018


Congratulations to Nicola Rubis, our Employee of the Month for August 2018! Nic has thrilled clients and colleagues with his wonderful lively spirit and professional manner. His supervisors herald him as an outstanding staff member who’s always on time and is consistently reliable and positive.

Nic grew up in the north of Italy in a town called San Giovani Bianco, very near to San Pellegrino Terme – the area that gives name to the well-known sparkling water brand. Nic’s home is about one hour north of Milan and a couple of hours from the Swiss border. Nic studied a degree in Graphic Design in Brescia before coming to Australia. He’s a lover of travel and culture who relishes new experiences and horizons.

Nic’s hospitality journey began back in Italy where he worked as a pizza maker and occasionally as a waiter on weekends. When he arrived in Sydney he worked casually in cafes before joining Clifford Wallace. Nic cites working at the Opera House on New Year’s Eve and experiencing the fireworks up close as his Clifford Wallace highlight. When it comes to his day to day work, Nic loves being able to meet new friends and colleagues from around the world through his job.

Congratulations again Nic, and thank-you for your wonderful work!