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Coffee with Felipe

July 12th, 2016

Felipe belongs to our supervisory team, who has been with the agency for 5 years. Felipe organizes barista training sessions for our staff in the office. What makes him such a great teacher is his fascination and enthusiasm for coffee.

IMGL1764How long have you been a barista for?

I discovered my passion for coffee about six years ago.  To become a barista requires not only experience and knowledge, but mainly passion. I am still learning about coffee through travel and research and continue the process to becoming a barista.

Why coffee?

I am fascinated with people who I don’t know. I didn’t know how to speak English when I arrived to Australia 9 years ago, therefore working in a café allowed me to converse with all different types of people and improve my English.

Where is the best coffee you’ve ever had?13621816_10157174877835002_1946815781_o

I have had many great cups of coffee around the world. However, I recall my experiencing and connection with a place I encountered when travelling to a remote area in Colombia. I was offered a cup of freshly brewed coffee by a very humble family. That coffee was the best I have ever had because simplicity and honesty was at it’s best.

Any tips for making a good coffee?

Before it is in your hands, coffee has traveled a great distance, been transformed and refined by hard working and passionate people. Make them proud by trying to make the best coffee you can, aim for perfection, because perfection is a lot of little things done right.

Describe your relationship with coffee with one word.