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The Clifford Wallace Family

October 13th, 2016


Looking after people is Clifford Wallace’s business. It takes all manner of people to make what we do happen, but some of the things they all have in common are dedication, enthusiasm and a desire to be the best. Across its twenty-year history, Clifford Wallace has firmly stuck to its values, and our staff represent that. We are all Clifford Wallace – the best in the business.

Clifford Wallace offers training and opportunities for everyone, giving every member of the team the tools they need to shine bright. We service all manner of events, from Sydney institutions like Government House, to boardrooms and corporate functions, to vibrant events, to private parties. We offer an exciting, ever-changing experience.

It is our staff who have allowed us to diversify and expand the way we have, and our directors cherish their contributions.

Carlos (affectionately known as Big Carlos), who has been with the agency for a number of years, has said that he enjoys working for one of Australia’s most prestigious agencies because he’s “interacted with Sydney’s elite at high profile events.”

Carlos also explains, “I feel like I’m part of the Clifford Wallace family and that I benefit from the business’s success.” As part of the Clifford Wallace family, Carlos has been helped immeasurably by fellow staff, clients, and “lucky recipients of our fantastic service,” improving his English and feeling right at home since he arrived in Australia.

Carlos’s story is not a unique one – at Clifford Wallace we change lives for the better, offering new opportunities for growth and recognising potential where others may not see it. We give everyone a fair go, no matter what their background.

The agency encourages all staff to be themselves, to enjoy their work and to have fun. We have found a way to be able to do that while still maintaining our famously high standards.

A recent feature on the agency’s work at Event Inception in Spice Magazine mentioned a note from an attendee: “Your staff looked beautifully presented and looked like they were enjoying themselves – genuine smiles on their faces which was so lovely to see.”

As further proof of the tight-knit, familial feeling that proliferates among our staff, one of our long-standing employees Iro recently was struck by a terrible tragedy that resulted in the loss of his home and many of his belongings. Our staff, many of whom consider Iro a dear friend, and some of whom have only met him in passing, rallied to help, donating an enormous amount of money to a fundraiser set up on his behalf, and taking jaw-dropping initiative to find clothes and other things for him and his family.

While we are totally enamoured with all the staff we have, we are always looking for like-minded people to work for us. We seek diversity, adaptability, and a strong work ethic – that’s what we need to continue to bring in success stories and glowing reviews.

If you feel that working for Clifford Wallace may be right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are open to all professionals, people with a lot of experience, or people with only a little bit, anyone who needs a change, anyone looking for an opportunity, and anyone open to brilliant experiences and being part of an amazing team.