Clifford Wallace Hospitality part of the 2018 Event Inception

Clifford Wallace at Event Inception

October 8th, 2018

2018 Event Inception

Another Successful Showcase!

Clifford Wallace staff delighted crowds at Event Inception in late August. The annual showcase is designed to present new event ideas and concepts from some of Sydney’s market leaders. Event Inception is an immersive, experiential journey which aims to excite and encourage clients to explore new frontiers in the events space.

In our incredibly fast paced society, the flow of information and communication never stops. Attention spans are constantly challenged by competing media. Now more than ever, special events like these are becoming the authentic face of marketing. Immersive sensory experiences can break through the barrage of data and directly communicate to people.

At Clifford Wallace we believe in this. Our business is built around people, exchange, and the vital need for connection. We were invited to showcase our expert staff at Event Inception and it was an opportunity for us to express our professionalism and commitment to cutting edge personnel services in the evolving and contemporary events landscape.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. Event Inception embodies cutting edge technology, captivating  décor and styling, and service that goes above and beyond. We loved engaging with our comrades in the industry to deliver a truly invigorating showcase, working towards empowering innovation in the world of events and hospitality.

Event Inception took place over two nights, and they we’re just incredible. Take a look at the pictures below, and remember to get in touch with us to arrange staffing for your next event!