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Clifford Wallace Brings the Christmas Spirit

December 13th, 2016


AMP’s annual Christmas party is always a stunning event, but this year they brought another kind of “Christmas spirit” with this Mexican-themed party courtesy of Team Event. The Royal Hall of Industries at Fox Studios was graced with sugar skulls, piñatas, lucha libre fighters, a buffet of tacos and nachos, a mariachi band, airbrush tattoos, a nail art bar, Coronas with generous lime wedges, and two gigantic skeletons that were part costume and part puppetry. The Clifford Wallace staff, alongside our caterer client Cook and Waiter found themselves going incognito in ornate, themed make-up.

photo-9-12-16-4-04-42-pmWhile we think our staff look great in their usual black-and-white waiters’ uniforms, it’s always a delight when they get to dress up in weird and wonderful costumes and have a bit of fun. The sugar skull design is a little bit spooky, but in keeping with the Mexican tradition from which they are drawn, they also have a sense of playfulness. The Dia de Muertos celebrates the dead with fondness and tenderness, so while it may seem like an odd match, it’s not that different to the spirit of Christmas!



This party was huge. Reportedly, the line for the cloakroom looked like a lineup at an airport, and by the end of the night 8000 beers had been consumed by the guests!

We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday season and the end of yet another year of hard work. A very big thank you for AMP, Team Event, and Cook and Waiter for allowing us to take part in their celebrations. It’s great to end the year on a high like this, and whatever and however you’ll be celebrating over the end-of-year break, we wish you a very joyous time and a happy new year!