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Chiara: A Clifford Wallace V.I.P.

October 24th, 2016


Like all of our amazing staff, Chiara Paiella is a V.I.P. She just happens to look after some other V.I.P.s at the historic Government House. To find out more about the very special work that supervisor Chiara and the team do there, we asked her a few questions about how she came to be where she is, and the special care it takes to do the brilliant work for which the team is known.

Wchiarahat is your background in hospitality?

My career in hospitality started five years ago when I moved to Australia. Before that I worked in a completely different field, except for a little job at my uncle’s restaurant during uni.

Once I moved here I joined CWA and worked my way up from function waiter to supervisor, at the same time studying a Diploma in Hospitality.

How long have you been working at Government House?

I started around 3 years ago as function waitress and was then trained as a supervisor.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities there?

My responsibility is to supervise the service of receptions and lunches/dinners that take place in the House. To do that I liaise with the House Services Officer and the chef and I coordinate the wait staff to deliver1 a smooth  service and ensure a good experience for the guests.

Given that your workplace is a historical landmark, what special care do you have to take?

Firstly we have to take care of the House itself; For example, we never serve red wine to avoid damage to the sandstone and the carpets. We also try not to serve canapés in specific rooms, to preserves carpets and furniture. We have to keep on top of clearing glasses to avoid marks on the furniture.

What do you like most about working at Government House?

I really enjoy working in such a prestigious place. Also, the House and its gardens are beautiful. Moreover the staff in the House are extremely professional and great to work with. His Excellency [NSW Governor David Hurley] and Mrs Hurley are always very polite and appreciative to me and the rest of the CWA staff.