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Keeping Fit & Healthy in Hospitality

It’s widely known that hospitality work can go hand in hand with a really busy lifestyle. Late nights and long hours combined with highly energetic and social job requirements can result in feeling pretty worn out. Anyone who has worked in hospitality knows that it’s often hard to observe normal meal times and portions, get consistent sleep, and balance work and play. As Hospitality Staffing suppliers, we work with a huge range of staff who juggle dynamic roles and ever-changing work hours daily and are experts at managing both. In light of this, we thought we would write a list of tips to staying happy and healthy in a demanding hospitality work.

Keep on top of your hours

It’s easy to over commit when you’re in a demanding ad hoc work environment. It’s important to make sure you have enough time off to recover from busy shifts, and get the most out of your leisure time. ( P.S if you’re looking for an employer who is flexible and courteous of your needs consider applying to work with us!

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Make meals in advance

Although there might be a free food option at your workplace, its often a good idea to make your own food regardless even if it’s just a sandwich or snacks. This is a great way to gain control over your nutrient intake, enforce a healthy diet and maintain your energy levels. Make sure you are sated before you start your shift, you’ll find you perform much better!

Drink water and bring fruit

Every shift, make sure you stay hydrated and have a few pieces of fruit with you if possible. Remember it’s recommended that we consume at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, and it’s easy to lose track of this when you’re eating for convenience rather than nutrition.

Exercise regularly

It’s a no brainer, but it deserves a reminder. We need regular cardio and strength training to stay healthy and fit humans. If you aren’t a fan of running or going to the gym, try something different. It’s a process of elimination with exercise, and eventually you’ll find your groove. Some wonderful ways to stay fit in Sydney are enjoying the incredible hikes our nearby national parks offer, swimming at our award winning community pools or even availing yourself of an exciting new dance class (surprise yourself!).

Rest routine

Have you ever finished a busy shift and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion only to find you can’t sleep? That feeling of being wired after work is common and can be so frustrating. A great way to handle it is to calm yourself with a little bedtime ritual. Take a shower, have a cup of chamomile tea or do a quick 10 minute meditation. You won’t be disappointed by the soothing effects.

Book holidays in advance

Plan for that next getaway in advance and let your employer know as early as possible. Studies show that we work better, harder and happier when we have an escape on the horizon (we didn’t need a study to tell us that though did we!) – so think macro and make a plan even if you change it at a later date.

Leisure time

There are plenty of hospitality jobs that have a healthy social element involved. Staff drinks or nights out can be all too regular, and it’s sometimes hard to say no! Taking control of your schedule and making time for rest and relaxation is a sign of self-assurance and maturity.  Remember to preserve your energy and balance your work and play so that you don’t become drained.