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10 Most Expensive Meals

May 27th, 2016

Most Expensive Meals

Some of our everyday meals that are picked up for under $20 have been transformed into extravagant delicacies that cost an arm and a leg. How much would you pay for a single meal if you wanted to go all out? Here are the 10 most expensive meals around the world.


article-2402237-1B78F7C6000005DC-517_634x8361.   Cupcake     $750

Sweet Surrender, Las Vegas

This cupcake needs 48 hour notice prior to the purchase. What makes this cupcake so pricey is it’s rare Venezuelan chocolate, Tahitian vanilla butter cream, edible flakes of gold and 100 year old cognac. This creation came upon the pastry chef when his boss challenged him to create something ‘memorable’. He decided to work with the world’s most sought after ingredients. $750 later, this cupcake was created.



2.    Bagel     $1,000

Westin Hotel, New York

Created for fundraising purposes, this bagel contains white truffle cream cheese, goji berry infused Riesling jelly and topped with gold leaves. White truffles happen to be the second most expensive food by weight – hence the price tag. Chef Frank Tujague dreamed up this bagel in the hope to fund raise for culinary arts scholarships.


article-2161007-13A9E7F1000005DC-750_306x4653.   Pizza     $1,000

Nino’s Bellissima, New York City

This is no ordinary pizza. Toppings include 4 different types of caviar, thinly sliced lobster tail, salmon, chives and wasabi paste. Unlike your traditional pizza – this one is not cooked as these ingredients would spoil. It took the owner months in order to perfect this pizza and prepares around one a week for those who are devoted to caviar.



article-2332554-1A0AF58D000005DC-258_634x4764.   Hot dog     $2,300

230 Fifth, New York

Made of marbled 60 day dry aged wagyu, truffle butter, Vidalia onions caramelized in Dom Perignon, sauerkraut braised in Cristal, and to top it off caviar and edible gold. From every hotdog sold, $1,500 is donated to a homeless organization in New York. They believe their two likely audiences would be those who want to have the hotdog experience to remember, and those who support the organization. Not bad – not bad at all!


5.   Sushi     $2,750gold-sushi-angelito-araneta1

Angelito Araneta, Philippines

Five pieces of sushi consisting of 24 carat gold leaf (acts as the seaweed wrap), encrusted with 0.2 carat African diamonds and served with mikimoto pearls. This sushi is often used in marriage proposals and during courtship. You must be pretty certain that your other half wants to marry you before ordering this sushi, looks and costs like a fancy piece of art.