Training for Hospitality Staff | Clifford Wallace Agency Hospitality

Training & Development

Clifford Wallace is dedicated not only to finding great staff, but to investing in individual development of our great people too. All applicants to our talent pool are invited to undertake hands-on, in-office training to hone and master a variety of important hospitality skills.

While our training is not accredited, it is delivered by industry professionals with years of experience. The results will clearly show in the excellent work of our staff as they put the skills they learn in our training programs to use.

Our Induction Training introduces and reinforces the essential basics expected of our peerless service. All staff are guided through CWA’s immaculate expectation regarding efficiency, uniform, and grooming. It is at this point that our staff are also instructed in set up and service at cocktail parties and banquets.

We also offer Barista Training provided by some of our most experienced staff, during which we pass on the knowledge of how to make the perfect cup of many different styles of coffee.

Boardroom Training is one of the key components of our training program, instilling in trainees the poise and professionalism required for day-to-day, or contingent work in corporate boardrooms and government institutions.

Staff who show a knack for leadership are eligible for Team Leader and Supervisory training. Team Leaders have a broadness of skills that allow them to provide mentoring, guidance, and support to junior member of staff while working. Our Supervisors are a special class of staff that can run the events, oversee all aspects of a job and work with clients directly.

Along with our staff, we’re always looking for ways to improve, so that we can deliver our clients the best quality experience when they choose us.