New Talent: Bridget Zizza

March 21st, 2017

Bridget Zizza may be new to Clifford Wallace, but she’s definitely not new to the entertainment industry. This quintuple threat – presenter, singer, dancer, model, and actress – already has a huge portfolio, aided immeasurably by her distinctive and intriguing look, as well as her friendliness, charisma, and easygoing nature.

Working as a flight attendant for QANTAS, Bridget is no stranger to fussy crowds. Surely her day job helps her be confident and unflappable when it comes to auditions and delivering in front of the camera.

Bridget says that she feels “at home on stage and on camera,” and it shows even in her photos, which convey how relaxed and in-control she is.

We’re always excited when a performer as dedicated as Bridget – she’s a total self-starter – comes along, particularly when they have as many skills as she does.

To find out more about Bridget, check out her profile.

We can’t wait to see where Bridget and Clifford Wallace Entertainment go together!