We always want our talent to succeed, so we’re putting out a few reminders for what you can do to help us help you, and you’ll land that dream job in no time.

Always Be Professional

A very important reminder: once you confirm your availability for a job you cannot pull out unless in extreme circumstances. If you pull out for non-essential reasons, you can cost the production company money, put the team out, and make yourself look extremely unprofessional.

If you do need to cancel, we are always your first point of contact. Any enquiries you have should come to us, because it’s our job to be a medium between talent and clients. Please do not contact clients directly under any circumstances; We are nearly always available should you need anything.

A Showreel is an Actor’s Best Friend

Still don’t have a showreel? For professional actors it’s a must have – it’s industry standard and it’s your calling card for Casting Directors, so make yours the best you can. Here are some links to tips that everyone can use. Don’t forget, your showreel is always work in progress!


Many of you are getting work and doing jobs that haven’t been booked through us, which is great, but we still want to know about it. Any job to which you’ve applied your talents – no matter how trivial you think it is – is important to us so that we can build a bigger picture of who you are and the experience you have. It makes us easier to sell you to casting agents. We never get tired of hearing about your achievements, and they’re also great for us to share on social media, to get your name and your face out there. Don’t be a stranger!

How Would You Rate Us?

We’re always looking for opportunities to grow and get our brand out there. More recognisability on our part, means more opportunities for our talent. One way in which you can help is by telling everyone what you think. Leave a review on our Facebook page (as many of you have already done) or better yet, on Google. Searching for Clifford Wallace Entertainment on Google shows that we only have one review. Google has recently changed their algorithm so that ratings matter more than ever in search results, so if you could drop us a rating and a few words on what you think of us, that would be hugely appreciated.


Wendy Circosta CWAUpdate Your Headshots!

First off, many of you have updated your headshots, which is terrific! If you’ve changed your hair, grown a beard, or just feel you’re looking particularly great, then we (and casting agencies!) want to see it. A good headshot is as neutral and plain as possible – make sure the only focus of the shot is your beautiful visage.

As an example of a really great headshot, check out this one that was sent to us by Wendy. Note the completely neutral background, the front-on focus, and, of course, the dazzling smile! Wendy has been killing it since adding this great shot to her profile.

Another thing that can also help is showing what you’ve got to offer through a showreel. For an example, check out Carmen’s.


Holiday! Celebrate!

If you’re headed away from home and won’t be able to work for a while, then we’d love to be let in on it. Simply shoot an e-mail to Kim, or Sara, or call the office on 9260 4222 (because we love to hear your voices) and let us know. If you’re going for an extended sojourn and still want to be available for auditions where you are or through self tapes, then we’d love to know. If you just want to chill and take a break, then we’re more than happy to leave you to it!

Thank you for your great work, everyone, and good luck with all your auditions and jobs.