Meet our Graphic Designer Samuel!

April 18th, 2016

photo profileGet to know a bit more about the mastermind behind our logo and our re-branding process. Five questions with the lovely Samuel Parra Pulido.

1. Was it a challenge designing for two different division facets- hospitality and entertainment?

It was a great challenge, because both brands have the same roots with a different focus. Hospitality’s focus is on the classic and corporate. Where as the entertainment focus is more contemporary and stylish. The perspective of the client was very important in order to achieve this goal, trying to keep the brands as a group of the main brand and still distinguished as separate divisions.


2. How long have you been in graphic design for? In graphic design what stands out for you?

From a personal aspect I’d say since I was a child, I remember always being part of the graphics team in the school, always it’s been a passion of mine. As a professional, I have been in graphic design since 2011, almost 5 years as a graphic designer. I believe that the most powerful tool that a graphic designer has is the concept of the design, with the concept you can show a message without words. You can say whatever you want with the concept and regardless of how many words you’ll use to express your message if you have a strong concept, those words will become in only more elements in your design.


3. Where did you look for inspiration to take our old logo and make it contemporary? How do you integrate your expertise and knowledge with a client viewpoint?

I have a process to find inspiration, looking for depth in the brand, understanding it’s main purpose and understanding the previous logo. My first step is to sit down with the client and understand their perspective of the brand and their ideas for the new logo. I then focus on turning their perspective into a concept to be able to represent it in graphic elements. After that is done, I research the latest trends in design and how the brand can be integrated with those trends to still maintain the clients desires.


4. You’re from Colombia, what made you want to move to Australia? What are you loving about Sydney?

I wanted to move to Australia to improve my career skills, because I’m an autodidact and the best information is in English. What I love about Sydney as a person and as a professional is the freedom of expression. It is incredible how the whole environment can inspire you in so many different ways. Wherever you go in Sydney you can find breathtaking landscapes, incredible sounds and unbelievable tastes, Sydney has a creative environment that can influence anyone, that is my favourite thing about Sydney.


5. When you’re not busy with work, what would we find you doing?

There are two things that I love to do, the first is cooking. I’ve never done a cooking course, but when I’m in the kitchen I feel like the ratatouille mouse, trying to combine everything I have in the kitchen to achieve a great meal. My second hobby would be rolling on my long board, it’s a new sport that I only started last year. I am now a bit better on it and after a few falls, I still love it.


Contact Samuel on 04 5022 7369